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Stressed to Blessed

Unleash your inner Girl Boss with Girl Boss From Home! Sign up today to gain access to a wealth of resources, including professionally designed templates, exclusive blog posts, and empowering content created just for you. Kickstart your journey to success with Girl Boss From Home and become the ultimate girl boss in no time. Join us now and unlock your full potential!


Unleash the girl boss within you; empowered, fierce, and unstoppable.


It's time to go from stressed to blessed.

Do you want to be your own boss? Then working from home might be the right move for you!


More and more people are turning away from the traditional 9-5 job and embracing the freedom and flexibility that comes with working from home. Working from home is quickly becoming the new normal for many people, especially women looking to take control of their lives. You can create your own work schedule that fits your lifestyle and have more freedom to choose which tasks or projects you want to work on. It's also a great opportunity to make some extra income with your skills.


As a woman, the idea of running your own business from home can be a liberating experience. You have the power to create your own rules, set your own hours, and create a business model that works for you.

Become A Girl Boss
“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products.
Change the text and add your own."

Alexa Young, CA


Why you'll love becoming a Girl Boss From Home.

Plr - Private Label Rights Templates

Change as little or as much as you want and resell them in your own shop!

Completely Customizable

PLR templates are completely customizable and brandable by you!

Passive Income

Offers the freedom to generate earnings while minimizing active involvement.

Become A Girl Boss Now

2 Week Website + Branding

$5,000 - $9,000

Let me tackle your to-do list!

Yes! This is what I need!

Instant access to all PLR products in the shop.

Girl Boss mug.


2 Week Website

$5,000 - $9,000

Let me tackle your to-do list!

Yes! This is what I need!

Instant access to all PLR products in the shop.

Girl Boss mug.


Pro profile elements.


Vip Design Day


Let me tackle your to-do list!

Yes! This is what I need!

Ideal for addressing your pending to-do list.

✓ Typically able to fit you in 1-2 weeks from your inquiry

✓ Complete a set of your outstanding tasks in just one workday

✓ One meeting to finalize the to-do list and complete prerequisites before beginning

✓ Eliminate uncertainty around content submission through a clear, well-organized, and guided collaboration space

✓ Includes all final graphics and created or edited image files

✓ No hidden invoices!

✓ One week of email support included

✓ Payment plans available for bookings made 2+ weeks in advance

Includes: Personalized and prompt attention all day via our portal.


Admin access to your site is required.


Project Duration: 6 hours, completed within one workday.

Helping girl bosses who are ready to make a change in their life.

It's time to go from stressed to blessed.

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